This is the orginial "Redneck Grill".  The mere fact that everything was donated (FREE) is what named the grill.  Its an old 275 gallon oil barrel cut roughly in half with pipe flanges welded to the bottom.  Short pieces of pipe are screwed into the flanges for legs.  The rack supports are short lengths of universal angle iron bolted to the ends of the barrel.

In 2003 a spit was donated, so an air vent was added to one end and the other half of the barrel was hinged into place.  Again, I must say this again, everything used in the Redneck Grill was free.  Maybe someone will donate some high heat black paint this year. ( It really could use a little sprucing up.)

I've recently acquired an old cement mixer frame and axle.  So, maybe this year it will become  "Have Redneck Grill, Will Travel".

I'm not really sure how many pigs this barrel has cooked, but I would guess the number to be somewhere around 20 or so.